The Best Religion is Humanity, poetry by Oluwafemi Abraham at
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The Best Religion is Humanity

The Best Religion is Humanity

written by: Oluwafemi Abraham



Religion has torn our hearts apart,
She now divided herself into various parts.
Humanity died along with prosperity,
Unity is never found in the city.

They call upon God without conscience,
Yet they kill themselves and burn residences..
They fight for God and are slain by the sword,
And they lack knowledge about God’s Words..

A land that flows with milk and honey,
She has been deceived by the love of money..
Her adversaries have become the master,
That flee without strength before the pursuer..

Religion has made them burn thy sanctuary,
While dead bodies are packed into the mortuary.
The best religion is the love for humanity,
Our own religion no longer preaches peace and unity..

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