The Black Kite Firecracker, a poem written by Jaylan Salah Salman at

The Black Kite Firecracker

The Black Kite Firecracker

written by: Jaylan Salah Salman



I asked my body what it craves
macaroni and Belgian chocolate
with a side of panna cotta
My second-coming saw a musty celebration
Worthy of cabaret dancers
and burlesque bowler hats
My dream world strangely seems unfitting
for a 30-year-old
coming last in a contest for cows ripe enough to milk
young bachelors
Uncertain of where I buried my little child
My last chance of adult motherhood
A grainy mother asks
where can I keep my fake teeth
Maybe in the closet
where demonic figures of scary past monsters wait
for ritualistic fears to rise
and spoil the grave I dug for my unpublished novels
A Black kite washes above the shores
looking for a place to bury a stillborn
And ways of causing mayhem
to pilgrims awaiting their turn
to kneel in front of their shrine

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