Failing Parachutes, poetry by Ana Denysenko at
Suliman Sallehi

Failing Parachutes

Failing Parachutes

The Fall of Kabul

written by: Ana Denysenko


They sit
shoulder to
shoulder to

unafraid and clueless.

Mouths open wide —
the whole country hides
under their tongues as
if they were plane chassis.

Children bite
nail by
nail by

yet unborn kisses bloom at
the tips of the ripped fingers,
sweaty and too small to
hold guns against others.

Courage builds up at the
back of their throats, chokes
on blood and lack of freedom,
and dies once the plane takes off.

People are birds, falling down
one by
one by

As we sit still, numb and
unaffected. Mouths open
wide — the whole world
hides among the vessels.

Who are we to them, if not
parachutes, always failing
to open?

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