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The Blood Village

The Blood Village

written by: Rain Alchemist



A strange village sinfully graced by the never-ending rains of blood,
Where flows the wine-red ravines cutting through the magenta mud.
It is known for the ugly branched trees flowering blood cherry blossoms,
Crimson marsh, inhabited by monster betta fishes, they are fearsome!
It’s notoriously know for the disappearances of any foreigner traveling,
Leaving an infamous legend behind, a horrifying mystery for unraveling.
Thirteen dark days, from marooned new moon sky to reddish full moonlights,
The damned hamlet hunts for inhabitants under the shadow of bloody nights!
And what is a story of a village without you knowing about its villagers’ tale,
They are skinny dark creatures with bulging eyes, they appear very pale,
They walk on these lands as if long dead and without any mortal soul,
Once human, transformed into scavenging beasts, now flesh-eating ghouls!
So, if you are somehow lured into the remotest depth of this horrifying land,
Begin fearing for your end because here not people, nature’s evil is quite grand.
The blood-lusting trees of Sakura will crush your bones and drain your blood dry,
Then the giant fishy fighters will engulf your insides before you find a chance to cry.
What remains of your abused body is scavenged by the cannibalistic beings of the dead,
Your leftovers, absorbed by gory bogs, until you rise as blood -ghoul, no more afraid!
Hence, every thirteenth season of fall, if the night is eerily lit by blood moonlight,
The cursed village will appear to a few unfortunate souls in front of their sight.
You will be tempted inside by mesmerizing voices blanketed by the thick crimson smog,
Right as you enter, Village of blood is engraved in red on a mangled fleshy log.
So, not sure if you enjoyed this scary tale if you found it intriguing or gruesomely freaking,
It’s up to you, run away from here or if you are the brave one, you may consider checking -in!

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