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The Captain Of My Soul

written by: Stephanie Manser



Rough seas wrench between us
trying to pry apart that which
destiny has bestowed.
Fate most passionate and
adoration most holy,
you, the wind in my sails,
the spark to my flame,
the air that I breathe,
my sustenance,
my sole reason for existence.
Even when we are apart
I feel your touch
steering my heart like a ship guided by the
currents of love only to shipwreck
in your arms yet never break.
I await the moment you draw me
into your embrace,
the fondness of your kiss,
and the thrill of your touch.
My equipoise,
my equal,
my only need ...
The Captain of my soul.

Stephanie Manser

Stephanie Manser

Bookish English ballerina exiled to a foreign land.
Stephanie Manser

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