The Cat's Rondel, poetry written by CTD Robinson at
Julian Hochgesang

The Cat’s Rondel

The Cat’s Rondel

written by: CTD Robinson



Tucked behind the door, he waits while I clutch
the pink mouse toy his claws long to touch.
One eye, then two, peek out into the room.
Will this be the moment, he decides to zoom?
A battle of wits tames, he stays—before the soar—
        tucked behind the door.

Boom! I fling the mini-beast, it clicks and it rolls.
The cat darts and skids upon the daring mole.
A turn, then a twist, the dance of this is it!
A paw swats and swings, in one final flit.
A moment too-soon struck, the cat returns for more,
        tucked behind the door.

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