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The Cursed Land

written by: Satabdi Saha


Stones with heated hearts
Fiercely reddened by blasting sun
Steeled network of iron minds
Where stones abound; smash
Softer zones, while vengeance burns.
No greens, but smoking, jostling cars,
Honking sweat-streets, sticking raw,
Burnt tar with shoes, lost in the run.

The ground stammers obscene rumbles
Ripping and unzipping fears; skyscrapers
Trembling in the mighty swell of tears,
Crashes heard bridges collapse
Wounds hurt and death-smells untraced
The cacophony of unreachable ends,
It's impotence, sketches bloody; hairline
Distances -- victims and predators.
Leafy boughs felled, resisting
In the vortex, life's tortuous sojourn
That defines hatred in politics of power.

None thinks of greed's backlash
No light- tailed tadpoles or fish in ponds
Gone, cackling geese, looking around
For a hole, lonely swings swinging in hope
But lies roam freely, in abandoned parks
Of reminiscences, lost in time.

But, 'drums of destiny' will start a different
Beat, in this comatose land.

Satabdi Saha

Satabdi Saha

Author of three publications and poetry, short stories in various other magazines. Published poems and short stories in Bengali and English. Published articles and essays in various magazines. Satabdi Saha is an ex- professor of English in D.A. College, Kolkata.
Satabdi Saha

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