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The Developing I

The Developing I

written by: Shaun Dobbs



As if I wished this chosen to misfit,

Decisions divisions circling listless,

Dwell so deep I became thoughtless,

Shaken awake by the abyss I fought with,

I did not know I made my heaven to hell,

Rivers of consciousness flooded my field,

World was careless, a mess, left nothingness,

The darkness sparked this life in my breath,

Pain plays yet I stay blinded by my light,

Time inside places of night I tucked tight,

Why fight ghosts, most don’t exist here,

Cope with hope, minuscule, so unclear,

I did wrong, slipped strong, the silly me,

Killed all thought how am I even me,

I cannot forget the regret of my past,

Yet I still smile finding my ways to laugh,

All I have is words reaching what’s under me,

A ferryman’s light to help on the dark sea,

No shade, no place, I won’t chase my face,

Every demon, every evil, I left it dead space,

My self belief is for me just keep moving,

My worth convert a catalytic improvement,

I am imperfect, learning this half-wit,

My life with no point careless I cast it,

Took many years and still I’m fixing self,
Reconstructionist, redeeming my wealth.

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