The Devil's Gauntlet, poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield at

The Devil’s Gauntlet

The Devil’s Gauntlet

written by: Ken Allan Dronsfield



Whatever forces upon the season,
perhaps tis you that are the reason,
the man of dark shadowed pallor
limps down a dark lane to the cellar.

With help of an old-burled cane,
with such an unequivocal refrain.
The wispy glow of twilight’s dawn
bears witness to the shuffling pawn.

A gauntlet fell from quivering hands
landing on the floor in muck and sands.
Grasping it tight, I watched rainbows fly
as the lights echoed in a brackish sky.

Blink once for yes and twice for no;
thrice then whisper behind a shadow.
Tears fall as your ears throb and bleed
in a vermillion hue, righteous of deed.

The soft muffled steps are unheard
during incantations of deedless words.
Mesmerizing twilight steals my gaze
as lonely crows flutter in a stellar haze.

Waltz round the fire on all hallows eve
stands there watching; then a scream
there, now appears the loathsome devil
we whisper softly, “I will fear no evil.”

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