The Devil's Heart, flash fiction by Mrs. Colleen M. Tice at
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The Devil’s Heart

The Devil’s Heart

written by: Colleen M. Tice



The Devil’s voice echoes, “How dare you be so perfect?” He steps in front of her, not allowing his beloved to leave the otherworld. “You have stolen my heart. What have I done to deserve this agony?”
The young woman turns from the Devil, turning away from his stare. “When you said you were a mess, I whispered you are a beautiful storm!” Taking her hand, the Devil pleads, “Please don’t walk away from me. Let me hold you one more time.” Wrapping his cold strong arms around her thin body, he embraces his beloved. She shivers, “A sweet pleasurable sensation down her spine.” Sweeping out of his deadly embrace, the young woman steps out of his seductive arms. “I must go,” she whispers. “There are people waiting for me on the other side of the light.”
Sweeping her back into his arms, he begins to dance across the cold stones of Death’s hall. The enchanting woman leans against his hard-cold chest, the Devil’s heart skips a beat. “This enchanting woman has stolen my heart, how can I let her go?” Releasing his beloved, he steps away from, “I must let her go, she doesn’t belong here. She doesn’t belong in Hell.”
Tears fall from her bright eyes as she steps closer to the light. Her heels echo against the cold stone, shattering the Devil’s heart. The Devil calls out one last time to his beloved. “Oh, how sweet the Devil sounds,” she thinks stepping into the light.

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