The Feeling, written by Chloe Gilholy at

The Feeling

The Feeling

written by: Chloe Gilholy



Whilst we’re drowned in scandals, that
OUR neighbours succumb to darkness.
We find ourselves in it too.
Full of black clouds and dust,
It’s easy to think that we are alone.

Following the rays from the other side,
I escape one maze and fall into another.
Roasted by the sun, melting to the floor.
Chilled by the moon, body tangled.
The nature that we love also kills us.

We see our neighbours as rivals.
We see our doorsteps as borders.

Simple things scare me
Despite once climbing mountains,
Imprinting footsteps onto sands,
Breathing in Norwegian fjords.

I have depression.
But people don’t know it.
They won’t accept it.
All they see is fake smiles.

It’s just another
obstacle to overcome

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