The Final Halloween, a poem by Samra Zafar at

The Final Halloween

The Final Halloween

written by: Samra Zafar



Their faces having perfect natural look
Wearing scars, injuries and blood
The Halloween has lasted for years
There is no autumn and October isn’t around

The funeral of flowers attended by the bombs
The coffins of florets pal-beard by the guns
They crushed and accompanied by their ashes
Instead of their offerings to braves
In their melancholy, themselves hide in the graves

In the haze of loneliness
The hymn of the cry of children goes unheard
No one to listen, none to talk to
The sobs of the mothers feel like
Lightweight wild hay, on callous barren land

Just because they grew in a land
Whose air surrendered and swallowed the calls of weapons
The culling of petals became a necessity
The dancing blood became a ritual

Yesterday, it was scarlet
Today, it’s ivory
Their blood has lost color too
But the Halloween has lasted forever
The one called the FINAL HALLOWEEN!

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