The Garden of Dance, a poem by Maciej Pająk (Matthew) at
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The Garden of Dance

The Garden of Dance

written by: Maciej Pająk (Matthew)


The roots of trees in ballet shoes
The green leaves waltzing
The petals colorful dressed
All magically swirl
In the garden night fever

I stepped into the garden
And at once
Got the fever myself

My poor head filled up
With the melody of emptiness

I forgot how hard was
The pavement of my ordinary

I forgot my enemies
And friends
I forgave all the bad deeds
Against me
All sharp spears
Pointing at me
Have broken

Sacred oblivion-
What a gift I deserved from
The powerful garden

I asked the nearby tree
“Would you dance with me?”
It nodded…

That dance
Became my vocation
My swirling fever
Will last for eternity

Maciej Pająk

Maciej Pająk

Maciej Pająk (Matthew) was born in 1978 in Poland. Poet, athlete, globetrotter. A maritime navigator by education. A graduate of Maritime University. Laureate of poetry competitions. He writes in Polish and English. He made his debut in 2018 with a volume entitled "A night so blue" and then he published in 2019 a volume entitled "Blue Hourglass". His works appear in anthologies and magazines. Music has also been created for many poems. Maciej describes his remarkable observations with exceptional sensitivity, sometimes even feminine delicacy from a male point of view. This has a remarkable effect of complexity and ambiguity in how the reader might perceive his poems. Looking into the past, contemplating the future, delight, duty, pride, contemplation of beauty, falling in love. Originality - this is the basic feature of Maciej's poetry.
Maciej Pająk

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