The Garden of Dance, a poem by Maciej Pająk (Matthew) at
Lukas Rodriguez

The Garden of Dance

The Garden of Dance

written by: Maciej Pająk (Matthew)


The roots of trees in ballet shoes
The green leaves waltzing
The petals colorful dressed
All magically swirl
In the garden night fever

I stepped into the garden
And at once
Got the fever myself

My poor head filled up
With the melody of emptiness

I forgot how hard was
The pavement of my ordinary

I forgot my enemies
And friends
I forgave all the bad deeds
Against me
All sharp spears
Pointing at me
Have broken

Sacred oblivion-
What a gift I deserved from
The powerful garden

I asked the nearby tree
“Would you dance with me?”
It nodded…

That dance
Became my vocation
My swirling fever
Will last for eternity

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