The Hand of Time, poetry written by Eden S. Trinidad at

The Hand Of Time

The Hand Of Time

written by: Eden S. Trinidad



Wives cry “you have no time for me”.
Moms say “you have no time for our family”.
Kids shout out, “you have no time for us”.
Self-retorts, “I have no time for me”.

Still ~
Perceive, we have all the time in the universe. Complacent we have time to converse,
Truly we have the time to write long verses
Sadly our moments on earth are just short verses.

Time is what we are running after.
But Time never runs out of Time.
We only waste it most of the time?
Thinking we can really buy more time.

And time will never return!
With our joys and laughter, but do they matter?
With success and wealth do you still bother?
Unmindful that time is short until it’s over.

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