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The Hand Of Time

written by: Eden S. Trinidad



Wives cry “you have no time for me”.
Moms say “you have no time for our family”.
Kids shout out, “you have no time for us”.
Self-retorts, “I have no time for me”.

Still ~
Perceive, we have all the time in the universe. Complacent we have time to converse,
Truly we have the time to write long verses
Sadly our moments on earth are just short verses.

Time is what we are running after.
But Time never runs out of Time.
We only waste it most of the time?
Thinking we can really buy more time.

And time will never return!
With our joys and laughter, but do they matter?
With success and wealth do you still bother?
Unmindful that time is short until it’s over.

Eden S Trinidad

Eden S Trinidad

Eden Soriano Trinidad was born in Philippines. She's a License Professional Teacher. In 1991 she pioneered the establishment of a mission school and currently she's a School Director of that school, Registered as Lucio Abrigo Memorial Learning Center, Inc.
Her 1st Poetry Book titled “EDEN BLOOMS” is a collection of her own compositions. She is one of the main Authors of “PLETHORA OF POETRY”, a book of poetry by Zambaleno Poets. She writes poems in English and Filipino Languages and in Sambal, her own dialect.
September 29, 2018 – bestowed upon her an International Humanitarian Award as top delegate and speaker during the International Humanitarian Conference (IHC).
July 31, 2018 – bestowed upon her a Medallion and Plaque of Recognition as PENTASI B World Featured Poet 2018.
June–August 2018 - Department of Education featured her poem titled “May Isang Guro” (Once There Was a Teacher) in DEPED ZAMBALES JOURNAL, Zambales, Philippines.
Eden S Trinidad

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