The Labyrinth, poetry written by Pranav Krishna at
Luca Iaconelli

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

written by: Pranav Krishna


Times, I wake up in a labyrinth,
when thoughts hammer through my skull.
It scares me, to see its walls etched
with charcoal figures of the ghosts that haunt,
the paths I’ve walked and threw away
to the farthest corners of, the darkness in me.
It’s covered with fog, but I try to listen,
to voices that guide me in this mission.
“To overcome is your goal,
find the light within.
It is time for your heart and soul
to join their hands and dream. ”
I closed my eyes and moved along,
navigating through the vines and thorns…
Hoping for the path to end
in this quest to find my reflection.

Pranav Krishna
Pranav Krishna

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