The Last Two Minutes, poem by Mark Scheel at

The Last Two Minutes

The Last Two Minutes

written by: Mark Scheel


I awaken from a dream of a strange place
with strange people I don’t know.
The day is cloudy. No sun rays to greet me.
There’s a February chill in the air.

Last night at Sully’s bar I watched
the KU/Texas game—on the big screen,
with Bob. I only see him on game nights.
I don’t even know where he lives.
He never reads my poems.

KU was leading most of the second half,
but Texas, as they say, still hung in.
As the clock wound down, Texas made a run,
but KU held the lead. Then, in the last two minutes,
Dick hit two three-pointers, and stretched it to twelve.

In those last two minutes, the victory was sealed.
I could breathe easy. High-five Bob. Laugh again.

This morning, assembling my work-to-do list,
knowing that wind outside would likely hold an edge,
I wished I was back at Sully’s. Last night.
For those last two minutes.
When life was simply a ball through a net—
and strangers all cheering together.

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