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The Maiden and The Willow

The Maiden and The Willow

written by: P.T. Corwin


There lived a young maiden, so sweet and so fair,
With a pretty pink ribbon and a flower in her hair.
When one April morning the flower turned red,
Her father said, “Time this young maiden be wed.”

The maiden did plead, but they made her a bride,
So scared at the thought of a couple’s first night.
She ran and she knelt by the willow that day,
Said, “Let them not take my pink ribbon away.”

The willow, so strong, but so gentle and kind,
More loving a willow than she’d ever find.
Late in the evening, the willow did sway.
That’s how the willow consoled her that day.

She tied her pink ribbon around the big tree,
Asked, “Will you forever be faithful to me?”
The willow then whispered such sweet, loving words
And gave her, to prove it, a little white bird.

It perched on a branch and it lay in her lap,
She cradled it softly, safe through its nap.
But her father soon came, brought her back to the town,
And made the law cut off the tree’s mighty crown.

The songbird he captured and sent far away
And his daughter he beat and berated all day.
But the poor girl just wept as her father raged on,
For the little white bird and her willow were gone.

That very same evening, she went and she took
The crown of her tree to the whispering brook.
To sleep where a maiden could never be hurt
And dream of her willow and little white bird.

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