The Mask of March, a poem written by LadyLily at

The Mask of March

The Mask of March

written by: LadyLily



The womb of Spring opens…
shedding her rich-ruby gems.
Meadows blast veils of virginity
piercing taupe to scarlet.

An army of colours,
A romance with breaths of faint murmurs.
Earth’s bubbling imagination waltzes
on infant restless seeds,
soon to be dripping with honeycomb nectar.

Blue Tits whoosh like emerald daggers.
Daylight kisses the Mask of March!
Tulips ooze crimson port
as a stream waves with her locks of silver.

A few wisps of Winter cling on,
still frozen in tombs of crystal,
leaving an echo, a subtle spell.
Lady Narcissi will nod again
in chilled drafts of sleet,
under a dull dapple-grey sky.

The Poet’s pen wanders…
Dances like a little girl,
painting olive trees,
transparent treasures,
lace of morning dew…
As a phantom hand flicker’s
the clockwork of time.

This ageless theme flares,
like a Spanish fan.
Humming notes thread raindrops
into chrome chandeliers.

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