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The Race

written by: David Maynard


Downhill dart
In a hard rain
Brakes squeeling loudly
Yielding no refrain
No line to start
Only a race to begin
Staring at death
Not expecting to win
Trophy worth taking
The poles are level
Showing no fear
Mimicking the devil
Pall Mall blazing
Fumes fade fast
Confidence fading
This feeling won't last
Chasing destiny
Life can be a hairpin turn
Reasons written in books
On pages that were burned
Champion to the moment
Clinching the wheel
Finish line in sight
Seems so unreal
Stories soon forgotten
As quickly as they're told
Dead end ahead
Race for the gold
Race til dawn
Living in infamy
Don't be a pawn
Instead of breaking
Better off to bend
Ride off into the sunset
Disappear in the end

David Maynard

David Maynard

David Maynard is a new author of poetry and short stories. He grew up in the mountains of Southeastern Kentucky where coal used to be king. He currently resides in Ohio. He is working on his first novel. His work can range from serious to comedy.
David Maynard

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