The Mystery of the Weeping Willow on Halloween, short story written by Mary Bone at

The Mystery of the Weeping Willow on Halloween

The Mystery of the Weeping Willow on Halloween

written by: Mary Bone


On Halloween night, a group of teenagers were climbing a large hill they used to play on when they were children. They were almost to the top when they heard someone crying.
A huge Weeping Willow was growing at the edge of a cliff. The crying seemed to be coming from the tree.
The teenagers became quiet as they got near the tree. A recording was coming from a small box taped to a branch. They figured the recording had come from a toy that had broken. Was this some kind of trick?
The boys looked around the Weeping Willow and realized some kids had made a fort. There was a small couch and pots and pans. Someone could have camped out here if they wanted to.
The teenagers hadn’t been to this hill in years. They all laughed and said that this was probably something they would have done to trick people when they were children.
Many good times were had here on this hill. Their names were still carved on the cliff.
It looked like the tradition of playing here hadn’t ended and they were happy that nobody was actually crying in the Weeping Willow tree.



There is a hill behind our house where children still play and you can see for miles around. It is fun to sit up on this cliff and remember the good times.

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