The Naked Owl written by Khalid Belkhalfi at

The Naked Owl

The Naked Owl

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi



In the wild I heard the owl crying at night
She hated the heat in the summer night
She wanted to lose all of her feathers
And refresh herself naked like the others

Like the malicious snake and the bad lizard
She wanted to be free and hated to be a bird
I said without your feathers, you won’t fly
You’ll lose your beauty and you will die

She said: I don’t care about it let me try
In this summer heat I’m going to fry
She started tearing all of her wings
She didn’t care if she hurts my feelings

Then her feathers were falling one by one
And she became naked like everyone
The snake and the lizard went up the tree
Looked for the bitch who wants to be free

Listen to my precious advice, dear friend
Appreciate whatever you are until the end
Keep your values, god will answer your call
The owl lost her feathers and went into a fall

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