Timeless Seasons written by James Bell at Spillwords.com

Timeless Seasons

Timeless Seasons

written by: James Bell



The Spring mist that slowly enveloped us, such exquisite pain scattered by random acid rain

Careless in its indiscriminate garnering of listless soles, without any discernible gain 

Time then to make those early Summer plans for our long intended and artful escape

Those endless carefree days of hope, leading falsely to the contemplated date 

Slowly Autumn crept imperceptibly about while we still slept 

Broken, confused and angered, but you never openly wept

Remembering the pervading darkness of mid-Winter, holding these restless spirits vice-like in its bitter grip

Those distracted endless nights held in both minds never to let slip 

And so turned the timeless seasons

Never revealing their ever changing reasons

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