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The Oceans Shall Give Back What Is Ours

The Oceans Shall Give Back What Is Ours

written by: SmithaV



The rains lash the city night and day, with a vengeance

The sky roars and thunders; promising turbulence

Mountains loom large, watching over it all, in stupefied silence

And the sweeping winds swerve, blowing hot and cold, in hostile defiance


Raging oceans swell, frothing brown

Bountiful waves, treasures schlepp, slow them down

A legacy bequeathed by every man in city and town

Receding crests, leave gifts behind, making us frown


From far and wide, they wash ashore

In their bosom held, swept at our door

Not pretty mermaids or jewels of Arabian Nights’ lore

The surging tides are returning to us, so much more


Tonnes they give, the unselfish, magnanimous seas –

Theirs: fish big and small, mammoth whales; what a tease?

And ours: plastic, garbage, waste, and disease

They, mighty and strong, had vouched to bring Man on his knees



On 13 July 2018, high tides dumped 120 tonnes of garbage on Juhu Beach in Mumbai. Thousands of tonnes of waste were washed over all the beaches across Mumbai.

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