The Prolonged Bromance of Vyvyan and the People’s Poet, written by Joseph A. Pete at

The Prolonged Bromance of Vyvyan and the People’s Poet

The Prolonged Bromance of Vyvyan and the People’s Poet

written by: Joseph S. Pete



At Scumbag College,
The Young Ones smashed walls, windows,
Started fires,
Pyromaniacally burned with the smoldering oppression
Of youthful boredom
Into the cigarette butt end of the ashen night.

At Scumbag College
Unruly Vyvyan and rude Rick sparred, shouted,
Swung, slapped, shoved,
Bickered till blue in the button-festooned jean jacket.

You can be stagnantly depressed, a forehead-studded punk,
An idealistic vegetarian hippie,
The voice of a generation.
Any youthful affectation
On the long slog toward selfhood
Is grist for others’ mockery.

Earnest radical, mohawked firebrand,
Long-haired woebegone Peace Studies major,
All the sincerity in the world
Can’t spare you from satire,
From the cozy familiar robe
Of a comedy of manners
You’d titter at on the BBC
With a sensibly poured snifter of brandy.



This poem was inspired by the cult classic BBC series “The Young Ones.”

Joseph S. Pete

Joseph S. Pete

Joseph S. Pete is an award-winning journalist, Indiana University graduate and Iraq War veteran. He was named poet laureate of Chicago BaconFest, a feat that Milton chump never once accomplished. His literary work has appeared in Dogzplot, Pour Vida, Fictitious, The Vignette Review, McSweeney's Internet Tendency and elsewhere. He once Googled the Iowa Writers' Workshop.
Joseph S. Pete

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