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The Rain

The Rain

written by: Shawntelle Moncy



There’s something about the rain that comforts me.
I grew up on the coast of Washington so I guess you could say the rain feels like home to me. Hearing raindrops on the roof puts me to sleep and something about the grey sky drives me to look out my windows and quiet my mind and just watch the rain fall.
There is something about the rain that tells my spirit to settle down, to sit still, drink lots of hot apple cider and stay quant; something that allows me to listen to the slow songs I haven’t listened to in a while, something that allows me to think deeper thoughts about my life I haven’t thought before, to stay in tune with myself.
Something about the rain lets me be okay with being alone in that moment, just watching the rain drop from the autumn leaves, it tells me that I have nowhere to be but here.
Something about the rain makes me feel at home.

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