The Satisfaction Of A Flower written by hedgehog at

The Satisfaction Of A Flower

The Satisfaction Of A Flower

written by: hedgehog


It plays a private concert for you
Your love of flowers and plants
The hooded blindness of your search
Forest, hill and meadow, exploring
The world over for one new flower
Named after you is reward eternal

Our love has traversed many years
Your wandering had my blessing
Day and night, it’s in your bones
With keen eyes you miss nothing
The dizzy vertical cliffs searched
At last you found a new Hookers Lip

You sit light headed in exultation
A paper to write, fame is certain,
You scarcely see me on your return
Two nights you stay talking flowers
With no thought for anything else
My love for you has not dimmed, but,

When you are gone my needs are great
I give myself ecstasies, in the dark
Harsh and loud, heart hammering
If you was here I could show you how
But, my love life needs no assistant
MY flower can bloom so why share it!!

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