The Season After Winter by Seorin Kae at

The Season After Winter

The Season After Winter

written by: Seorin Kae



what is spring without sunshine?
it floats away
as little bubbles form in its midst
spring is the season of loss And change

it is the reason little seeds die
and little flowers are given birth to
it is the reason love echoes in every heart
the gentle rustle of emptiness
the soft cracking of brokenness
this is How
This is Why
spring awakens thirsty souls
longings we forsook
heartache we forgot
shock we kept hidden
beauty we ignored

spring is the season for the mute
those ever envying the passionate
those captivated by a single touch
the meek And timid in Love
the poor And wretched in their own lost worlds

spring is the season for every human ache And pain
every rational ounce of pure wonder

it cuts through the slightest tenderness of heart
And buries itself
in The coldest
most broken

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