The Season of Divinity, poem by Kokila Gupta at
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The Season of Divinity

The Season of Divinity

written by: Kokila Gupta


Cardamom dreams, of cinnamon scents fresh
Fond sunshine hours blooming on windy days,
Lotus smiles in blue stream of consciousness,
It’s the season of homecoming for ALL

Childhood abodes replete with Mothers’ smiles
Daughters giggle, swing, smile, bangles shimmer
Tinkling bells of silver anklets on feet,
Henna-ed pitter-patter on backyard floors

A Ma visits her sons to bless and soothe
Dusky God is born; lamps light up the earth
Crescent moon glows on a blue minaret
Ambrosial skies; pennons of bliss flutter,

Rags have been stitched with threads of kind sharing
Misery vanquished; Deities benevolent.

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