THE SNEEZE A Love Story, by Norberto Franco Cisneros at



a Love Story

written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


She throws her head back
And lets out from her small mouth
A huge, loud, boisterous, horrific,
But beautiful sneeze.

I think to myself
Where can such a petite, quiet, demure, classy lady
Get the energy to snort like a jet breaking the sound barrier?
Where does this energy come from?

Yet doing the dishes exhausts her????
Once she sneezed louder than a trash truck.
When I see her cherubic face scrunch and her nose redden
Like Rudolph’s of Santa fame, I know it’s coming.

Then the deafening sound
Followed by spray that covers the room like mist.
She looks at me defiantly,
“Did ‘ja like that one?” she jokes.

“That was splendid,” I say,
“But I’m going to need a pair of new eardrums.”
She is the world to me.
My personal angel from heaven.

When I asked God, ”When can I have a mate?”
He left and seconds later returned,
“Well, there she is.”
What I saw was a magnificent sight.

She stood in all her glory, gaga-eyed I said
You are indeed a benevolent God.
He said, “She’s yours. Now go way, don’t bother me.”
And disappeared.

I wanted her and I got her.
She’s my cutie pie and I love her.
She’s my soul mate beyond eternity,
Beyond whatever comes next,
Including her more horrific, ear busting sneezes.

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