The Song of Swans, written by Abhishek Pandeyar at

The Song Of Swans

The Song of Swans

written by: Abhishek Pandeyar


Hiding behind the darkness,
I see a shadow alive,
Mumbling slowly,
the tune of death.

The embodiment of demise,
wielding a saber of black steel,
Hunting the dead with a sash,
making spirits his meal.

Blade of souls with a long crescent,
A strong grip for anger to vent,
“I am here to devoid you,
of all that meant,
I am Thanatos,
the face of dread.”

Sharp short breaths of varying lengths,
Shards of glass on wrists of Death.
Smirking at the resting mortal, he draws the bloodthirsty dagger,
For it’s not different,
to sleep or to die,
It doesn’t matter whether you protest or cry.
“Sleeping in the night, your mind is in a haze,
Twin of mine you willfully embrace,
What am I, if not a long slumber?
My love I am the angel, the angel of somber.”

“For you must leave,
from whence you came,
from shade to shade you return,
I will find you, you will be caught,
Whether you’re buried, whether you burn.”

“Oh, the ignorant ghost of humanity,
kneeling and praying on grey shores of Styx,
It’s time you be oblivious to the worldly charms,
Welcome to the place you be devoid of all plans.
Let go of your memories, forget your pain,
don’t let my mumblings drive you insane,
Swaying in the water like swans,
go limp in the waters of Lethe,
A splash of cold fire and gentle rocking,
Let me take you to the three-headed dog awaiting.”

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