The Telegram, a poem written by Luiz Syphre at

The Telegram

The Telegram

written by: Luiz Syphre



Oh! I’ve just come from where
the land meets the Sun

from a war that must be won!
for we are soldiers
with our rifles and machine-guns

with my brothers thereupon
falling one by one
battle ‘til we are none
or uphill they will run!

for my Brothers are so brave
with God and our grenades
our families we’ll save
as bullets ricochet!

but for now
I have leave for days

the chopper’s blades
push up and my spirit elevates

you see
I feel nothing but rage
like an animal caged
day and night
In this brutal brigade

I miss my kid and wife

a few days away
from this dog life

get my boy
play with the board
and dice
holding my lady
that would be nice
‘a couple days Sargent’
I said it sufficed

and so I walk in the door
she’s laying on the floor
but I don’t understand
loudly my son and her pour!
my voice shaky
I scream and soar!

then I got closer and read
the telegram from war
that I was a brave soldier
and their hearts were sore

I want to be with my family
my wife and Son
are there home for me!
It’s where I need to be
I’ve been so alone you see!


© 2018 Luiz D. Syphre



This is a retelling of the song ‘Love Vigilantes’ by New Order.

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