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The Way To Live Forever

The Way To Live Forever

written by: Hassan Siddiqui



Jason always loved his life; he was a famous and successful middle-aged businessman in Switzerland and was living a good life. The only thing he felt afraid of was his death. Every night as he lay in bed, he thought about the last day of his life. He loved life. He never wanted to die. For him, death was destruction, the end of joy. He often wished to find a way to live forever.


One day he got a call from his old friend Albert. He told Jason he was coming from Germany to see him. They hadn’t seen one another in 20 years. Albert was a painter, a good-natured person. People loved him.

When Albert arrived in the city, Jason invited him to the city’s most expensive restaurant for dinner. They both were happy and excited to meet after many years. They talked about the past, and shared many tears, and laughter. And then Jason told him about his wish to stay alive always.

With enthusiasm, he asked, “Albert, maybe it will sound silly, but I want to know how I can live forever. I don’t want to leave the world; I love my life so much.”

“Yes, there’s a way to live forever if you want to. A way to be present, even after you are gone,” said Albert.

“What is that way? I would love to know about it,” he asked with shining eyes.

“If you choose to be kind for the rest of your life with as many people as possible, then you will absolutely live forever in their hearts. And living in someone’s heart is the most beautiful place to live. You cannot stop yourself from dying, but you can continue to be present in the world if you leave a meaningful impression on others,” replied Albert.

“Will people remember me if I do it?”

“People who will feel you are truly kind without any greed will love and remember you. Your kindness will never die; it will stay alive in the hearts of people. In this way, you will be present in the world even after you’re gone.”

“I must try it,” said Jason with a smile on his face.

“Yes, my friend. Try it and you will see the results.”

After dinner, a waiter came to take the bill. With the dinner payment, Jason gave him his wristwatch as an act of kindness.

The waiter left after showing extreme gratitude. Jason turned to Albert and asked, “Do you think he will remember me?”

“I think so because most people give money as a tip, not their personal items.”

After living with Jason for some days, Albert went back to Germany.


Exactly 6 years later, Jason saw a new restaurant in his hometown. One day he decided to visit and have lunch there. When the owner of the restaurant saw him, he left the counter and walked towards him.

“Hello, sir! How are you?” he said when he reached him.

“Hi. I’m fine. Do we know each other?” Jason asked with wonder.

“Sir, I’m that waiter to whom you gave your wristwatch that day in Curneves restaurant.”

“Oh! Is it you? Is this your restaurant?”

“Yes, sir, it is me. When you gave me your watch, I sold it the next day. Your watch was pretty expensive. From that money, I rented a two-room restaurant and left my waiter’s job. I started with just a few dishes. People liked my recipes and so I made a large profit. About a year ago, I built my own restaurant, and now here it is!”

Jason was shocked when he heard the waiter’s story. He was thinking about how an act of kindness can change someone’s life forever. The waiter didn’t forget him, but Jason was unable to recognize him because he looked entirely different.

He just replied, “I am happy for you; best of luck for your future endeavors!”

“Thanks, sir.”

He was so awed, he left without having lunch. He got back. He thought about his friend. “Albert was right: when we genuinely practice kindness, then we remain present in people’s memories,” he said to himself.

That night he wrote in his diary, “Kindness is a beautiful way to stay alive in the minds and hearts of others.” He decided to show kindness to everyone he met until the last day of his life.

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