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The Wedding!

The Wedding!

written by: Shruthi Shankel



Facing the mirror, she fought back her tears
Dressed as a bride, beautiful from every side
The wedding song along with the ritual bells
Within her earshot, froze herself to its peak
All her thoughts stuck to her past, her family
Few more hours, time to bid them goodbye
A day meant to be the most beautiful in her life
How could it turn out to be the most dreaded?
The joy for her future, unable to shatter her fear
To walk past them, who taught her the first steps
To un-glue her mom’s hands that held her throughout
To leave her home, her infinite cherished memories
It seemed impossible for her, a day without them
A new family, however good, can it replace them?

Laughter echoed around, she sensed a twinge within
Seated in the golden cloth, ready to make the vow
Unable to raise her look, tear-filled eyes chose the fire
An unseen touch by him, surprised, she looked at him
His eyes talked volumes then, his gaze full of love
He could read her mind, her eyes revealed herself
Marked the fear to leave her loved ones, his warmth
Calmed herself down, for he understood her feelings
He took her hand in his and made the final vow
“I promise all my heart’s devotion;
A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow;
A love that’s ever true and ever growing;
A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow”
Her lips gave way to a smile, first one of the day!

Walking down the aisle, holding his hands
She knew, she was safe with him, but them?
Reminded by her wonderful time spent with
Her brother, who cares for her even from miles away
Her dad, whose advises full of hidden love
And the long chats with mom, about dreams
And every stupid thing that comes to her mind
The pain doubled itself, when she bent down
To take their blessings, to thank them, to say Goodbye
Her throat choked, no words did she utter
Her smoky eyes tightly closed, she cried
With all her love, she hugged them and cried and cried
Her mom held her close; tears rolling down her cheeks
She whispered, “You are not leaving us, but
Bringing another family to share our happiness
You are a wonderful daughter, and
I know u would be a great wife too, I love U”!

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