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There It Flows, My Journey...

written by: Dr. MOLLY JOSEPH


I take you all with me,
the morns that woke up with me
for the much-awaited dawns...
the nights of languid slumber endured
in dreams of delirious pain and pleasure...
I take you all with me...

the flowers who smiled and waved,
the touch-me- nots that winked to pave way,
the doting eyes that followed
as blessings and care,
those shadows that fell on my way
I take you all with me...

the sweet faces puckered in smiles unconditional, the love that byed its way round the corner,
and the call from behind
that echoed to fade,
I take you all with me.

The crimson red cheeks of the blushing eve,
the moody moon's peep
into waters serene,
the dream that fell and broke on the cheek like the teardrop,
I take you all with me..

content, grateful to receive,
having received,
there it flows, my journey...

Dr Molly Joseph

Dr Molly Joseph

Dr. Molly Joseph retired as Head of the Dept. of English, St. Xaviers College, Kerala, India and now serves as Professor of Communicative English. She, a bilingual writer, has had her Doctorate in Post War American Poetry (of William Carlos Williams). She has published 9 books of Poems - Aching Melodies (Patridge, Penguin), Autumn Leaves, December Dews, Myna's Musings, It Rains,The Bird with Wings of Fire, Where Cicadas Sing in Mirth (all by Authors Press New Delhi), Firefly Flickers, Hidumbi - novel (by Xpress Publications, Kerala) and Pokkuveyil Vettangal (poems, Malayalam). Dr. Molly writes travelogues and short stories and has won several awards. The India Women Achiever's Award 2019, Wordsmith Award 2018 and Award on Experimental Poetry 2020. She represented India in South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Literary Festival 2019.
Dr Molly Joseph

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