This Body Mine, poetry written by Linda Lee Lyberg at

This Body Mine

This Body Mine

written by: Linda Lee Lyberg



You will not break me
those that came before you tried
The dark man with black eyes
‘It’s for your own good’
he raised his deformed hand
purple bruised skin
as he tried to whip me
into submission
for I was not his child
the damage he inflicted
more mental than physical
but I refused to give in
to his sordid whims.

Along came the hungry lion
feeding on the lamb
of innocent youth
a naive girl
with a narrow world
stalking my every move
asking me to prove
my love, so I did
and the only light
that came from it
was a beautiful child
in my likeness
born with wisdom
in her eyes.

And then, the crooner
the devil in disguise
charming with his lies
a mental case
that embraced
the darkness
in his soul
consuming my light
to build his fire
from within
but in the end
he did not win.

Through all my life
This body mine
this brilliant mind
with scars
with flaws
with tender cause
will always be
my sanctuary
and no one will
ever take that
from me.

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