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This Woman Is

This Woman Is

written by: thePoeticpiper



She left her heartfelt nest at a young age
Setting her sights beyond her living land
Her feet her stage, the world her audience
And God her Shepherd

She strived on, across the living lands
Gained knowledge and understanding of her adventures
To nature deep in her fertile home soil
And maintain for a fruitful future

Along her path, she met love
Love was not patient, love was unkind
Love, like the thief in the night, stole her sight
Love gave her another child and departed before birth

A light of strength filled her with the might to fight
To seek and find a better life for herself, for her children
Her sight may have faded in the midst of blindness
But she found shelter beneath a settlement, she called home

Her home, a heartfelt nest for her children
Where fond memories are built
Love upon life, serenity, courage, wisdom
And her achievement, her children

This woman is a mother

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