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Those Moments

Those Moments

written by: Jacob Damstra



Those moments
Don’t relent.

And they gnaw;
They are raw.

They’re haunting;
And daunting.


Back of mind,
To remind:

Of the cost
Of lives lost;

Of sacrifice,
Not thinking twice.

For our friends
To the end –

Come to soon –
By Death, hewn.

Ripped away,

And tomorrow
Is time borrowed.

So today,
We can pray


Those moments
Don’t relent;

They stay here,
Remain clear;

Their faces,
And the places,

Do not fade
From thoughts staid.

A debt is owed –
A heavy load:

The burden borne.
And proudly worn

Are the scars.
The task is ours,

To remember:
Stoke the embers

Of their light
Once burned bright

But no longer
And we’re stronger

For those times,
Of darkest mind

Tis not weak, then
To speak up when


Those moments,
Don’t relent

Though time’s passed
They still last

Through tough days
They’re always

In memory
Where they’ll be

With honour

We salute

They’re now free
From enemies

We must fight
Do what’s right

There’s no rest
Onward – press

Lest we forget
To pay our debt

For Love, win
And so, in

Those moments
Don’t relent.

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