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written by: Grace Y. Estevez



Today I will let it all ride,
no rhyme or reason kept inside.
Disgusted by how I see life,
the give and take is a big lie.
Built to just give but never take,
could never dare to expect breaks.
Some acts are sweet but also fake,
with rehearsed scenes for their own sake.
A pain filled heart is hardly heard,
unless some gossip can be stirred.
True love is seen as just absurd,
plastic emotions cover words.

Search deep inside to find the words,
my pity party seems absurd.
Release the pain my thoughts have stirred,
let tears cascade and cries be heard.
Learn to forgive for my own sake,
keep genuine, dismiss the fake.
Do not hold tight once the bonds break,
wishes appear for me to take.
The truth inside could never lie,
so well prepared to live this life.
In touch with how I feel inside,
hold on to light and take a ride.

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