Outside The Darkroom, a poem by Jennifer Goddard at Spillwords.com
Anastasia Shiyanova

Outside The Darkroom

Outside The Darkroom

written by: Jennifer Goddard



At the exit from the darkroom
As you’re climbing up that stair
There should be written warning
Of what you’ll find out there

“On exiting this darkness
And stepping from this gloom
Beware the giant step you’ll take
Emerging from this room”

The sun is so much sunnier
The dark is not as dark
Greens and blues are brighter hues
The grey is not as stark

The fresh air so much fresher
And time is timelessly
And breathing is a breath of air
And freedom is so free

Outside the room are rainbows
And unicorns, and Pride
So why oh why, why is it I
Still find I’m back inside.

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