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Comfortable Forever

Comfortable Forever

written by: Rajiv Noronha



He was, indeed, a man of wit, for many, a trusted friend.
And any moments of anxiety, were lit up with some fun.

Death row had sealed his fate, innocence was his crime.
Power and wealth, fixed the trial, now, his life was on the line.

Death to him, a fleeting thing, his courage, none could break.
Till the end, his wit was intact, humor oozed from his heart.

He continued to be a performer, delivering stand-up comedy, in jail.
Got to tickle, several funny bones, as he awaited doomsday’s dawn.

The jail inmates, they all cried, together, in soulful choir.
He didn’t show, any signs of fear, even when the hangman came.

Cheerfully, he climbed the stool, that perched him to the noose.
Wishing the guards and hangman the very best for a bright day ahead.

His last wish, was so very funny, a soft pillow is all that I want.
Gently on it, I can lay my head, once you’ll declare me dead.

When I’m gone, shed no tear, for in peace, I will sleep.
Head rested on the soft pillow, feeling comfortable forever.

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