Exploring Other Worlds, poetry by Tom Simons at Spillwords.com
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Exploring Other Worlds

Exploring Other Worlds

Joining Mother & Father, The Androids

written by: Tom Simons


One day there was a strange guy standing on the street
He was looking at the sky, which was looking kinda neat.

I said, what are you staring at high up there in the sky
is it gonna rain, is that why?

No he said, I’m waiting for Mother and Father to come and take me away
because here on Earth I don’t wanna stay.

I can not live here anymore in this police-state
that’s why I go with them, my androids, because I’m their mate.

We are going to another world and do such wonderful things
Like the bird sings up there, it nowhere else sings.

So goodbye my earthling friend
my time on this planet has come to an end

The last thing I want to say to you, for what it’s worth
enjoy the rest of your time on this hellhole called Earth.

Mother and Father are so far advanced
maybe in time my own body will also be enhanced.


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