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written by: Daniel Deschenes


I have been walking for a long time
I was even able to run once
The sun is setting behind me
I can still feel the warmth

I had a friend when I started walking
I lost them when I bit the apple
It was rotten like the last time
I was hoping it would be different

I had a picture from before
I held it close to my chest
I think I dropped it though
I don’t hold tight like I used to

My friend and I are in the picture
The sun was so bright that we had to squint
You can see my friend’s house
The door was always open

My bruises were bone-deep then
Purple stains on thin skin
My friend always stood beside me
So no one else could see

I have scabs now
They are the crooked seams
Where you helped knit me back together
I don’t like that color yarn anymore

I think I can stop the unraveling
I can ask my friend to help
They aren’t far
I can see their house

But I would have to tell them
I picked at my scabs
I pulled at the thread
Now I can’t stop pulling

I have been standing for a long time now
I can’t stop bleeding
The sun has set behind me
It’s cold, and I have nothing to wear

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