TIMELESS, a poem written by Ibrahim "dreezy" Idris at Spillwords.com



written by: Ibrahim “dreezy” Idris


Fragments of this continuum
Scattering our minds
As we seem lost
Between tick-tocks
Of this fleeting prime

Every hour
Seems a distant measure
As time
Is a priceless treasure
A decade suddenly becomes a century
As days slowly becoming memories
Those we know leave us
As we pay tributes to the dead
Sending condolences to friends
But still afraid of messages
Or visitors from elsewhere
Relating visions
That our time is merely an illusion
As the fragments of the continuum
Are playing on our minds
Making us lost
Between the tick-tocks
Of this fleeting prime

We are running out of time
And displaced from the truth
But still seeking a better life
And another chance
At love
Kissing with all
And pacing nonstop
For that exotic touch
But time is not a friend
As feelings one day end
Leaving the fragments of time
To scatter our minds
As we become lost
Between the tick-tocks
Of the wall clock

Faultlessly emerging
From past sins
And drifting off
To the path of greed
Forgetting our days
Are only but locked
To the minutes that count
And the seconds that sound
As we slowly succumb
To the numbers
Hanging on the wall
Dictating to us
When we might fall
As age is just a figure
At the time of our death

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