To Whom Do I Address This Inquiry? written by Catherine MacMillan Sihoe at

To Whom Do I Address This Inquiry?

To Whom Do I Address This Inquiry?

written by: Catherine MacMillan Sihoe



Green army jacket

It’s a summer night
     And I’m walking along a dirt road

I hear woodcocks in the forest to my right
     And watch dusk roll in
             Through a misty distant rain

“Allow me the pleasure of introducing myself,”
     Was what I heard,

And so I turned
     To see a Little Man
        Leaning against a fence post
     Just inside the tree line
On my left

        “It’s no coincidence that we should meet,”
                  He twinkled,

               And ran his hand to his hat rim
                               Which he tipped my way
                        And replaced

“I’ve been observing your movements, of late
                  And wondering at the routine of it

Once a day
     To pass this way, without fail
        For months

What is it about this place
     That brings you near?

             What is it that you want
                 In my neck of the woods?”

And I stopped then
     And stood a while
Pondering this question posed
     With thoughtful
        Though cautious reverence

“To whom do I address this inquiry?
     I postured,

And held my ground
     Though inside, my body quaked

For something about this
     Jovial stranger
Said to me:


And in that moment as I watched
     His essence grew wings

     And didn’t he leap, then
                  Off the ground with
                Piercing cry
     To swoop across my path with
             Threatening talons drawn
                  Fiery heat
                       And devils eyes

Then, I
     With arms held high
        And lions roar
            Stood firm
     And met his eyes with icy stare
           Enough to make him shriek
                       And dive for cover

         Lest I betray his feeble guise
              With one fell swoop

Let go of fear
     And watch its black wings pass you by

For not a moment passes
     When we don’t stand ready
          To protect your steadfast heart

Fear not

                             Fear not!

And so,
     With fear declined
          I walked across the field toward home
               And lay my boots beside the door
          Stepped inside
                    Fire lit

                                    Warm hearth

                                         All is well



On the way home through the forest one evening a man faces fear, stands up to it, then walks on home.

Catherine MacMillan Sihoe

Catherine MacMillan Sihoe

Catherine is a Spiritual Medium, Channel and Animal Spirit Communicator who works with people worldwide, through social media. Catherine’s knowledge of the unseen has developed through adherence to continuous spiritual guidance from the energy she calls ‘Spirit’ from whom she channels stories, communication with spirits of the living and those passed over, as well as beautiful words of wisdom, love, light and spiritual guidance for people around the world when they choose to, 'Ask Spirit' through Catherine.
Catherine MacMillan Sihoe

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