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written by: Rochishmon



Let us look for the place of souls
While our thoughts open our eyes
As eyes learn to see the real grace
Let us reach to the place of souls

Menace, violence, chaos, never known there
Cruelty, criminality, calamity never known there
Flowers of purity will exist there
Fragrance of serenity will subsist there
Music of peace will prevail there
Poetry of transcendence will pervade there

As tears pave the path
Smiles emancipate there
As nude sacredness spreads
Views will have vision there

Many saints informed us
Many sages confirmed this

Not to miss
The bliss

We must reach the place of souls
Let us succeed
We must touch ourselves



Rochishmon - A Businessman by vocation and a poet by avocation. My English poems anthology: LET US UNDERSTAND THE DAWNS was released. Many of my poems were published in international magazines and web portals.

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