Twilight Confection, poetry by Kim Jarvis Moes at
Yaroslav Shuraev

Twilight Confection

Twilight Confection

written by: Kim Jarvis Moes



This night burns
with lights of black and
orange, and she hears the
cry of the parched
door hinge. This eve is hallow,
and she shall ward off the
demons. They are no match for
her scary costume which
could frighten the
mighty ones
who attempt to take her soul. No, they
shall not win. She will persist
and stand strong, she’ll
fall not in this land. Our masks of goblins
or fairies or even cute
mice will make these evil spirits
take heed and think
twice. They’ll run fast and wide and to their sad
dismay, they’ll have no work left to do here.
Her night is over, and to her relief
she’s survived.

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