Two Scribblers, poem by Jennifer Christiansen at

Two Scribblers

Two Scribblers

written by: Jennifer Christiansen



Two scribblers,
strangers yet intimate in ink,
he a word weaver without equal
hypnotizing letters into lines
attentive and perfectly posed
in poetic trance or dance
to end in spellbinding prose
She an apprentice
with stars in her eyes and heart
cracked open revealing
the strain and struggle of each
loop and line painstaking
fictionalizing truth in amateur script
to end in exposing question
Flurries of messages exchanged
in a tennis match of text
her story divulged for his expert eye
ingesting, suckling each syllable
and sloughing callouses
of gauche ambitious hand
guarded domain unearthing
green gold
to end without fingerprints
From across the room
a desperate yearning
in his gaze, magnets find true north
open mouths, tongues touch
a liquid sweet dance ensues, a tornado
twisting and ripping characters
from a scene, a plotline made for two
to end in romance … or tragedy?

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