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written by: Pranjal Bajaj


Under the blanket of shimmering stars folded was the sky,
Gentle was the breeze and ironically coy,
Slight cold of winter was adorning the sight,
Whole vista looked as if welcoming me under the moonlight.

In a spree, lone I was waddling on a doldrums track,
Euphoric mood, with a complacency that I usually lack,
Reveling in beauty, mellowing thoughts in my mind up surged,
Hushed surrounding helped me, and the real me to get merged.

En route I noticed a shadow on either side of road that was bare,
It stretched hand and slightly pushed the strand of hair behind ear,
Looking up, she was dressed in a white dress, beautiful like a sprite,
As if moon had sent her to reflect its bright.

Moonlight was embellishing her countenance and made me skip a beat,
Plunged into her alluring hazel eyes, never wanting shore to meet,
But my thoughts soon commuted into pity, which were earlier of extol,
Idyllic ambience turned into enigma, who had thought this would befall.

Shrieking in pain, she became the victim of frenzied grudge in a trice,
Spewed something on her visage, in a jiffy swerved two guys,
Berserkers did this insidious act and, escaped before I could trail,
Most of her face got burnt, later I realized that it was an acid assail.

With this the nature began to lose peace, shouts of pain were loud,
Pleasant breeze turned into squall, moon got hidden behind cloud,
Cruelty demolished her beauty and gave her a curse for lifetime,
Complete darkness resembled her life and moon was ashamed to shine.

Pranjal Bajaj

Pranjal Bajaj

This is Pranjal Bajaj, many people including me find it easy to portray others but difficult to define ourselves but as this column is to speak about me I am giving it a try..........

I am a simple and a fun loving guy who lives his life to the fullest, I do not wait for big bumper surprises in my life to be happy, instead I search for happiness in small things in life, I love to travel, meet people and make friends. By profession I am a Software Developer currently working in Indore. In my graduation years I have got an inclination towards literature and poetry, and had been reading and writing since then.
Pranjal Bajaj

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