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Undo These Chains

Undo These Chains

written by: Mike Washburn


Only the damned can understand the things I have seen.
For the damned are scarred and marked by evil.
Soon, I must pay for the things they have done.
For death is the shadow that follows me.

Undo these chains and see…

Lost and wandering alone in this dark demented world,
Tortured by dreams and visions of a past not my own.
The darkness inside guides my soul to a place unknown.
The road ahead is steep and twisted.

Undo these chains and follow me…

Undo these chains…

Tormented by the horrors that I have hidden,
Lost in the world and I cannot see
The only guide I have
Is the demon inside me…

Undo these chains!

On my knees, I beg thee…
Release me from the chains that bind,
Free me from my tormented mind.

Mike Washburn

Mike Washburn

Been an artist in all aspects my whole life, and it's time to get my stuff out there...
Mike Washburn

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