Unflowered, poetry written by Eoghan Lyng at Spillwords.com
Dainis Graveris



written by: Eoghan Lyng



There lies a flower,
Flooring the phallic phenomena,
Pasteurised in polemic patterns,
A paradise cooled.
Uniforms unifying underlying,
Tick tick ticketing the fumbling noise,
As a flower fulminates asleep.
Folded planets figuratively feathered.
Angling aimlessly upwards.
Foursome the foresome forces the fierce
Farcical foundations fantasised flowers
Algernorn asked in the literary form
Forms the fantasy we find.
And in this flower fantasied
Fancies me, formulaic probability,
And I catch the flower,
Caressing, pressing,
Our petals professing,
Proferring, coughing,
Infantalised offerings,
Pagantries tepidly tyrannies
Tepidly, triumphantly
Ties to the sovereignty.
What was the flower, fine flower,
Where was the flower, fine flower,
Faced fulgent flower factorised,
Penalised, foliates focalised.
Flowering fidelities fascinatingly focused,
And now it’s undressed.

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